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Café de Paris

Café de Paris
Pernod Ricard Japan
  • Package Design

CAFÉ DE PARIS is a sparkling wine produced by Pernod Ricard, a renowned liqueur and sparkling wine manufacturer in France. It is known for its diverse range of fruit flavors and is recognized for being the first to introduce lychee flavor to the market. As a trusted and knowledgeable manufacturer in France, CAFÉ DE PARIS has gained a strong reputation. The brand places emphasis on seasonal bottles, collaborating with artists and illustrators to release special edition packaging for each season. ZYLA has been responsible for the art direction of these seasonal bottles since 2021.


In 2021, CAFÉ DE PARIS collaborated with chalk artist Chalk Boy, leading the project "WHW! (What a Hand-Written World!)." Together, they designed two seasonal bottles: Mixed Berry and Sweet Cherry. Chalk Boy was invited as a collaborative artist due to their artistic style, which aligns with the aesthetic of CAFÉ DE PARIS. The hand-drawn illustrations and typography take center stage, adding a pop of vibrancy and allowing the brand to reach a wider consumer base.

WHW!, known for its expertise in hand-drawn typography using chalk, not only created illustrations of the flavors but also depicted associated phrases.The typography, written in various styles, beautifully decorated the bottles like street graffiti. CAFÉ DE PARIS' logo was also expressed using chalk art. In addition to the labels, WHW! incorporated their illustrations and typography on the neck of the bottle, resulting in a seasonal bottle with a distinct and vibrant aesthetic, setting it apart from the regular lineup.


In 2022, CAFÉ DE PARIS collaborated with creation artist and actress Non to design two seasonal bottles: Citrus Mix and Sweet Cherry. Non, who is involved in various genres such as acting, music, and film production, also has an artistic side and has presented numerous art pieces in the past. For this collaboration, Non incorporated the motif of ribbons, which she frequently uses, and intertwined it with CAFÉ DE PARIS, expressing the concept of "Fruit × Bubbles × Ribbon Party" to convey a joyful atmosphere of effervescence.

Every year, when the seasonal bottles are announced, they receive extensive media coverage and become a topic of conversation. The launch events for the seasonal bottles also attract a large number of attendees, and CAFÉ DE PARIS fans eagerly anticipate each year's new collaboration.


Directed by ZYLA

Art Direction and Design:
Hiroki Fujimaki
Creative Direction:
Teruo Furuno (I&S BBDO)