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ZYLA CGI Identity

ZYLA CGI Identity
  • CGI
  • Motion Graphic
1 APR 2023

In April 2023, we independently produced a promotional video inspired by ZYLA's visual identity.

We determined nine textures and phenomena as the theme and explored how we could express our visual identity within a two-second timeframe. ZYLA's CGI designers took the lead and created it with free thinking.

The purpose was to expand the range of expression and improve technically by challenging new forms of color and animation. Enjoy the freedom of expression that is not commonly seen in client work.


The chosen textures and phenomena for the themes were "fabric/fluttering," "particles/embracing," "hair/waving," "balloon/inflating," "liquid/dripping," "lines/entwining," "elasticity/collecting," "metal/reflection," and "crowd/falling."

The reason for selecting these nine elements was to venture into textures we hadn't experienced before, introduce new plugins, and pursue the excitement of movement and the beauty of visuals.

During the production process, we paid attention to presenting the background and logo in a way that they were not separated but influenced each other. We repeatedly adjusted how the logo intertwines and presents itself within the unique movements of each texture, aiming for a beautiful visual composition.


After completing the production, the CGI designers' skills and range of expression have improved significantly. Our next goal is to apply this experience to client work and create even better works for the world to see. We are eagerly looking forward to that day!

Finally, we have compiled the struggles and efforts of the designers into a process video. Please take a look!


Directed by ZYLA

Daisuke Uchiyama
CGI Design:
Shintaro Sato, Itsuki Maeshiro, Tomonori Hirayama