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Selected Key Arts

Selected Key Arts
  • Art Direction
  • Photography Direction
  • Graphic Design

At ZYLA, we handle a wide range of key art projects. This includes key art for advertisements, sports broadcasts and reality shows on streaming services, as well as album covers for artists, among others. We collaborate with various illustrators and artists to create unique and eye-catching designs.

In collaboration with illustrator Dragon76, we were able to achieve recognition at the 2022 Clio Entertainment awards for our work on "RISE on ABEMA".

On this page, we will showcase these key art designs.


This is the first key art for the kickboxing organization RISE following their temporary suspension of activities due to Covid-19. It depicts the Japanese kickboxing hero, Tenshin Nasukawa, returning to the now uninhabited and abandoned streets of Tokyo's Shibuya.

Due to the impact of the virus, the entertainment industry had come to a halt, and RISE wanted a powerful key art that would promote their comeback.

The match took place without an audience and were exclusively broadcasted on ABEMA's paid channel. The slogan "I'm home." represents not only RISE but also symbolizes the revival of the entire combat sports industry.

Amidst the halt in the entertainment industry and people going through their daily lives with a sense of gloom, we created this artwork with the intention of dispelling their pent-up stress and bringing a sense of excitement and joy.


The key art was primarily created with the intention of being showcased on the pay-per-view channel ABEMA. Additionally, it was featured in posters at various venues, press releases, and received coverage on numerous web media platforms.


The key art was created in collaboration with Dragon76, a renowned graffiti artist based in New York. ZYLA was responsible for providing the concept and rough design, and after photoshoots featuring Tenshin Nasukawa himself and the streets of Shibuya, the material was used as a basis for creating the key art illustration.


Due to the interruption of sports entertainment caused by Covid-19, this key art received coverage on over 30 web media platforms. It garnered a strong viewership and successfully served as a message for the revival of the combat sports industry while providing relief to many individuals experiencing frustration and stress.

Master-Student Tournament

Key art for a tournament competition to determine the champion of shogi (Japanese chess). The main focus of the key art is Mr. Yasumitsu Sato, the chairman of the Shogi Federation, and it was created with a background featuring lilies, symbolizing "dignity," which represents his character.

LeftTop: Who is K-1 Next?
Key art representing the rising star, Masafumi Kumura, as the "new light" of K-1.

RightBottom: Falling
Key art for a romance reality show. The artwork visually represents the concept of individuals being drawn to each other, falling in love, and simultaneously sabotaging each other, ultimately descending into a pit of despair, through vibrant colors and graphics.

Airi Shimizu "A-I-U-E-O"

ZYLA designed the album cover for her Shimizu’s debut release. It expresses her relaxed vibe through typography and facial expression, while the repeating lips represent the five sounds of "a-i-u-e-o".


Directed by ZYLA

Art Direction and Design:
Yuki Matsushima
Kentaro Miyazaki, Genki Ito, Kaori Akita, Ryuji Tokuda
Tomonori Hirayama
Atsushi Ogura