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Pro-Wrestling NOAH

Pro-Wrestling NOAH
Pro-Wrestling NOAH
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  • Photography Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • CGI

Pro Wrestling NOAH is a Japanese professional wrestling organization established in 2000. ZYLA is responsible for createsing key art for their events throughout the years.

The main audience for professional wrestling in Japan has been aging, and reaching new viewers has been a long-standing challenge. ZYLA has been in charge of the visual design to transform the "existing pro wrestling style" and create content that can be enjoyed by a young audience.

By incorporating our expertise in modern and stylish visual expressions into professional wrestling, we aim to create a new style of sports entertainment in Japan.

Keiji Muto Final Countdown Series

We created the key art for professional wrestler Keiji Muto's retirement match. The concept was based on his signature move, the "Shining Wizard," and we produced a CGI throne design with a halo-like light effect. After compositing and retouching, we visualized the artwork. Drawing inspiration from his other signature move, the "Dragon Screw," we incorporated a scale-like design for the handrails and seat. This retirement countdown series consisted of four events, held in various arenas from the first installment to the fourth. By changing the texture of the throne and the background colors, we added a vibrant touch to his retirement match.


This retirement match series ultimately took place at Tokyo Dome and managed to attract an audience of 30,096 despite even with it being held on a weekday. Despite the front-row tickets being sold at $5000, the event drew a significant crowd. Furthermore, the pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast gathered over 100,000 viewers, marking the largest success in the history of professional wrestling events in Japan.

On Twitter, the hashtag "#MutoFinal" not only trended in Japan but also reached the top position worldwide. The visuals we created played a significant role in contributing to the success of this event.

N-1 Victory 2021

This is the visual for a tournament-style event in which professional wrestlers belonging to NOAH compete to become the champion. We created a visual that highlights NOAH's brand color, green, by employing creative lighting techniques.

Each wrestler showcased their signature moves and victory poses, aiming to create a dynamic visual befitting the determination to become the champion of NOAH. The visual was expanded to various merchandise such as smartphone wallpapers, towels, and T-shirts.

LeftTop: NOAH the New Year 2022
Key art for the New Year's Day event. We created key art that is appropriate for the New Year, with the theme of "Japanese pro wrestling."

RightBottom: NOAH 5.21
Key art for Keiji Muto's return after undergoing artificial joint treatment, referred to as the "Cyborg" by fans. Depicting Muto himself as a cyborg, the copy reads, "Keiji Muto, rebooted."

LeftTop: NOAH 4.16
We utilized CGI to portray Jake Lee, a wrestler known as the "Black Invader," who transferred from a different wrestling organization, as a new dark hero.

RightBottom: Great Muta Final "BYE-BYE"
Key art for the retirement event of Great Muta, inspired by ninjas. We visualized the departure of Great Muta using the iconic symbol of Japan's cherry blossoms, representing the most beautiful moment of falling.


Directed by ZYLA

Art Direction and Design:
Yuki Matsushima
Kentaro Miyazaki
Kanako Sato (VITA)
Itsuki Maeshiro
Atsushi Ogura