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Marines Baseball 2021

Marines Baseball 2021
Chiba Lotte Marines
  • Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Motion Graphic
  • CGI
March 2021

Chiba Lotte Marines is a professional baseball team in Japan with a history of over 70 years. ZYLA was responsible for redesigning the viewing experience of the Marines' TV broadcasts and online streaming, as well as the visual production in the stadium.

In the summer of 2020, due to Covid-19, spectators were prohibited from attending games at the stadium, which increased the demand for online streaming of the matches. At the same time, amidst the outcry over the decline in baseball popularity in recent years, the creative team of the Marines had also considered attracting new fans from younger generations. Many people hoped for freshening of graphics and motion designs in the broadcasts, allowing them to experience a more comfortable and immersive game atmosphere compared to being present at the stadium.

We were involved in the development of broadcast graphics that could achieve a "Marines-like modern broadcasting experience" while ensuring the clarity of information, aiming to make the Marines a pioneering game-changer in baseball broadcasting.

Challenges & Visual Identity

The previous on-air graphics of the Marines lacked a sense of unity and sophistication, as they used colors unrelated to the team's color scheme and incorporated shapes without clear purpose. Therefore, we started the project by establishing rules for visual identity and motion.

For the visual identity, we drew inspiration from the shape of the home base and aimed to create a sharp and dynamic form that represents the essence of the Marines' baseball games. We also simultaneously considered the expansion into motion graphics and developed ideas accordingly.

Taking the Marines as a theme, we envisioned powerful and undulating motion graphics derived from the logo, while incorporating the ideas into both graphics and motion design. By adopting the theme of "waves" for the design development, we made it possible to create original and impactful visual effects that were fitting for sports broadcasting, showcasing the Marine's distinctive style.

Color Identity

The Marines traditionally have a color scheme that revolves around white and black. In this project as well, we adhered to the principle of not incorporating other vibrant colors in the design. However, recognizing that using only black and white may limit the versatility of future graphics, we introduced two shades of gray to provide more flexibility in the visual elements.

Expansion to TV Experience

We meticulously created graphics to ensure that every graphic displayed during the broadcast adheres to discipline and order, maintaining a unified appearance from the start to the end of the game.

Considering the possibility of viewers watching on smartphones, we aimed for a user-friendly design while pursuing a modern and stylish viewing experience. Approximately 40 different graphics were to be displayed during a single game.

Stadium Vision Production

Due to the positive reception of our proposed rebranding, we also began working on the visual production for the stadium when the attendance restrictions due to Covid-19 were eased.

In the stadium, it was essential to uplift the spirits of the supporters in line with the progress of the game. Therefore, we made use of CGI derived from the logo and other elements, while maintaining a unified grayscale aesthetic, to create captivating visuals that would excite the stadium atmosphere. We dedicated our efforts to crafting engaging visuals that would enhance the excitement in the stadium.


The redesign became a hot topic on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and after Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, the number of young fans at the stadium doubled. Through this project, the Chiba Lotte Marines were able to establish themselves as a leading force in design and digital innovation in the Japanese baseball industry, leaving a lasting impression on Japanese baseball fans.


Directed by ZYLA
Creative Direction and Design:
Yuki Matsushima
Director, Motion Design:
Daisuke Uchiyama
CGI Design:
Shintaro Sato, Itsuki Maeshiro, Tomonori Hirayama
Atsushi Ogura