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Kinobi Kyoto Dry Gin

Kinobi Kyoto Dry Gin
Pernod Ricard Japan
  • Package Design
01 SEP 2022

KI NO BI is Kyoto's first craft gin brand. KI NO BI is produced with the support of skilled artisans from Kyoto, including the renowned Fushimi's underground water, fruits and spices grown by contracted farmers, and tea. Since its establishment in 2014, KI NO BI has grown from a niche product to a major item sold in nationwide retailers, gaining more fans along the way. Taking advantage of the recent craft gin boom and increased demand for gifts, we decided to create a limited gift set that included a special glass along with the "KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin”. ZYLA was responsible for the overall art direction, from the design of the box to the package design.

Structural Design of the Paper Packaging

We collaborated with a paper packaging manufacturer to create various prototypes, considering the balance between design and cost. We explored different shapes, including cylindrical and simple box-shaped designs. The final chosen shape features a double- two layered structure with a double door lid that opens like a Kannon statue Buddhist alter. We adopted this structure to serve as a point of sale display, allowing customers to open the lid and showcase the product. The inside of the opened lid includes the story of beauty and recommended recipes, making it an informative and engaging package.

Package Design

The entire box is unified in a black color, evoking a moist and elegant ceramic image. KIRAKARACHO pattern, also found on the bottle, is scattered throughout the box. Careful attention was paid to the layout to ensure that the patterns on the bottle and the box align seamlessly. Additionally, a gloss finish is applied only on the bottle photograph on the front of the box. This creates a glossy shine that contrasts beautifully with the matte texture of the box, enhancing its visual appeal.

This product was initially planned as a limited release in Japan only, but due to the positive response after its launch, an English version was created, leading to international sales. Furthermore, there are plans for future production in different flavors, indicating a significant expansion of the product line.


Directed by ZYLA

Art Direction and Design:
Hiroki Fujimaki
Creative Direction:
Teruo Furuno (I&S BBDO)