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Chivas Regal Mizunara

Chivas Regal Mizunara
Chivas Regal
  • Key Art
  • Visual Identity
  • Motion Graphics
  • CGI
01 MAR 2023

CHIVAS REGAL is a whiskey brand manufactured by Chivas Brothers, founded in 1801. It is currently enjoyed in over 100 countries and regions worldwide and is considered a symbol of Scotch whiskey. Its rich and mellow taste and aroma have been passed down through generations thanks to its artistic blending techniques.

In 2023, CHIVAS REGAL underwent its largest-ever brand refresh, which included a redesign of the packaging. A reevaluation of the key visuals and design rules for each product were also necessary. This was because the refresh extended not only to the packaging design but also to the visual identity (VI) and the overall brand concept, resulting in significant changes to the brand's target audience. Previously, the brand had a unified aesthetic with an authentic and profound worldview. However, in order to appeal to a younger generation, a more vibrant and youthful aesthetic was required.

As part of the largest brand renewal project in CHIVAS REGAL's history, ZYLA was responsible for creating the key visuals, establishing the brand's worldview, and setting the design rules for "CHIVAS REGAL MIZUNARA." " CHIVAS REGAL MIZUNARA " is a whiskey that blends malt whiskey and grain whiskey aged for over 12 years, finishing a portion of it in rare Mizunara casks from Japan. In other words, " CHIVAS REGAL MIZUNARA " is a product within the CHIVAS brand that has a special connection to Japan.

Key Visual

Among CHIVAS REGAL's diverse lineup, the uniqueness of Mizunara lies in the fact that it is finished in casks native to Japan. Therefore, it was important to visually express the "Japanese essence" that other CHIVAS products do not possess. The creative team in Japan began by defining the design concept for the entire MIZUNARA brand in order to visualize the "Japanese essence." They came up with the concepts "ENERGETIC FUSION" as Japan's evolution through the fusion of different cultures from both within and outside the country, and "CRAZY PERFECTIONISM" as the intricate and delicate craftsmanship found in traditional Japanese crafts. The key visual created based on this concept combines a sculpture carved by a Japanese woodcarver with the fusion of CHIVAS's signature mark formed by neon tubes, representing "ENERGETIC FUSION" and "CRAZY PERFECTIONISM." The woodcarving motif incorporates patterns also used in the package design, adding a sense of craftsmanship unique to handwork to the overall visual.

Brand Movie

This video was produced as a promotional movie, aiming to incorporate scenes that introduce the flavor and serving methods while following the aesthetic and motifs created in the key visual. The well-composed typography and well-paced composition effectively convey the information, while Tokyo's nighttime cityscape and woodcarving landscapes are sprinkled throughout as spices, enhancing the mood of "ENERGETIC FUSION" and "CRAZY PERFECTIONISM."

Beauty Shots

In the food pairing with cocktail recipes created by Scotch Whiskey Ambassador Mr. Simon, Japanese cuisine was arranged in a more decorative manner to harmonize with the world of CHIVAS REGAL. In the shooting at a drinking district with red lanterns, MIZUNARA-colored lighting was used as an accent. The beauty shots were primarily intended for use on social media, so it was considered important to create vivid colors and impactful visuals. The visual creation aimed for a somewhat surreal atmosphere, which ultimately matched the worldview of CHIVAS resulting in a collection of visuals with a multi-faceted and strong concept.

Style Guide

By defining and standardizing the elements, fonts, and colors used in the key visuals and videos, it is possible to maintain a unified tone and manner when distributing them across various media worldwide. However, detailed settings such as minimum sizes and prohibited usage examples were not specified, leaving it to the judgment of designers in each country and region to a certain extent. This allows for flexibility to accommodate unforeseen cases and unique requirements in different countries around the world.

The series of creations we were involved in for this project have received high acclaim from the Chivas Brothers and are currently being used in over 100 countries worldwide. We feel immense joy in knowing that the designs produced in our small office in Tokyo have reached the eyes of many people around the world.


Directed by ZYLA

Art Direction and Design:
Hiroki Fujimaki
Director, Motion Design:
Daisuke Uchiyama
CGI Design:
Shintaro Sato, Tomonori Hirayama
Atsushi Ogura
Creative Direction:
Teruo Furuno (I&S BBDO)
Project Manager:
Erika Takahashi (VONS Pictures)
Ao Yamaguchi (VONS Pictures)
Photo Retouch:
Hirotaka Arai (VONS Pictures)